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I am not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be either. My husband has an affinity for fast food, my kids eat candy (once in a while) and I sometimes indulge in bread and butter and a good cocktail (or depending on the week, sometimes two). We all have our own food vices, emotional food triggers and life stressors that make healthy eating difficult. My job is to help you navigate all of these things and come up with tactics to help you live your most nutritious life. I truly believe a healthy diet can only be maintained if it is balanced. Achieving this balance requires looking at your lifestyle and finding solutions to a program that fits best within that lifestyle. To make lasting changes, dietary changes need to be healthy AND practical. My goal is to help you feel empowered and WANT to eat healthy foods but also be able to indulge and give in to your cravings occasionally. This is a must. A life without pizza and chocolate…no thank you.

I don’t like gimmicks or very restrictive diets. I don’t believe gluten-free is for everybody or that dairy is the devil. Instead, I look at someone’s weekly routine, health history and food preferences and make nutrition AND lifestyle recommendations based on scientifically backed research.

As a nutritious life certified dietitian, my philosophy is to take a “whole person” approach to diet and nutrition. Real life is hectic, unscheduled and surrounded by influences that might compel us to make unhealthy choices. I work with clients to show them how some seemingly benign behaviors might be preventing them from reaching their goals.

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