Welcome to Nutrition In Balance

Nutrition In Balance is a Southfield, Michigan based nutrition consulting practice that focuses on creating practical nutrition programs for busy people and their families. The core belief of our practice is that a healthy diet can only be maintained if it is balanced. Achieving this balance requires looking at an individual’s lifestyle and finding a nutrition program that fits best within that lifestyle. Real life is hectic, unscheduled and surrounded by influences that might compel us to make unhealthy choices. We believe dietary changes can only be effective if they are balanced enough to be both healthy AND practical; even small changes can make a big difference. We hope that we have a chance to help make a positive difference in your busy life!

Our Licenced Registered Dietitian

Samantha Linden, BA, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist and the founder of Nutrition In Balance, a nutrition consulting and counseling practice in Southeastern Michigan. She is also on staff, in a clinical capacity, as a contingent dietitian at both St. John’s Hospital and Providence Park Hospital.

Our Services

We offer programs and packages that can help a broad array of cllients: from those dealing with chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity or severe food allergies to those who simply want to lose substantial weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Why it’s important to work with a licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

When researching options for nutrition professionals, it is important to confirm that the person you choose is a Registered Dietitian and not simply a “Nutritionist”. Registered Dietitians have the following credentials, not held by unlicenced providers:

  • Completion of a required amount of clinical work in accredited healthcare facilites.
  • Completion of a substantial amount of training, confirmed by a national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.
  • Have the ability, in appropriate cases, to accept healthcare insurance for physician referred clients.
  • Required maintanence of stringent continuing professional educational requirements to stay current with the most up to date best nutrition practices.